froopinghiddles asked:

hi! can i use these caps for graphics?


eponiin asked:

Hey hey sorry to bother you or anything but can I use your caps for my urban dictionary series?? It's basically like the tumblr text post thing that's been going around but yeah ;v;


Anonymous asked:

How do you download the episodes? I seem to be having trouble :/

try horrible subs

Anonymous asked:

Where do you get your screencaps from? Like, where do you watch it in such high quality?

we got the episodes from horriblesubs and screencapped from there!

frankirschtein asked:

hi i'm using ur screen caps for a redraw-- is that okay? i wont forget to credit you c:

That’s totally fine!

rxoxas asked:

Are we allowed make edits with some of the screencaps? (with credit included obviously) And if so do we tag it with anything?


eren-jaeger-on-the-dancefloor asked:

Hello ! I am currently making a (french) roleplay forum and I am making the design right now. I found your awesome blog and it really life saving, especially the informative screencaps. I wanted to ask if it was okay for me to use them and maybe edit them. I'll send you the link when I finish if you want ! And of course i'll credit you.


soterianyx asked:

hey there! I just discovered your/this blog and I can't tell you how helpful it is! my friends and I have constant discussions about snk and which scenes are in which episodes and chapters, and this blog is just the thing we needed! Your screencaps are amazing by the way, they're always so clear and clean :)

Thank you! Glad to help!

animaticons asked:

i used some of your caps to make icons ok? they are great btw

Thank you for letting us know! Go check them out!